Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kaiser stands out with the right stretch

Brand actions were the topic of the last Stirring Bulletin. Another great example was encountered today and Friday traveling through SFO.

Right after passing through security towards gates 76-90, a rectangular area was cordoned off by ropes. Within it were floor mats, with two people moving through a series of stretches. Their purpose: to dispense advice on how passengers can stay fit while traveling. Small pocket sized leaflets were available to take away. The display area was unusual and evoked curiosity among a large number of people passing by, causing them to stop to find out what the activity was all about.

It's a great example of a brand taking an action and - for a health insurance company - engaging people in an airport is innovative precisely because it's not expected yet it's a highly relevant context. Most people aren't thinking about well-being when they travel but flying certain has a impact upon it. By taking practical steps to educate the public about activities and actions that can improve flying fitness, Kaiser is showing concern and proactiveness in a tangible way rather than merely rhetoric.

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