Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How To Give Digital Music that Warm Vinyl Feel in the Age of The Internet

This is compulsive viewing.

If you're born after 1975 you can go back to somnambulence. Those born before may experience a strange yet familiar stirring from this mesmerizing video. It might be nostalgia, not for a sound quality that was generally far inferior to cd and mp3 era music, but for the ritual of sitting down, for that first listen, the disk spinning endlessly as we devoured the liner notes and artwork. People don't listen to music this way anymore.

Thanks to bridgebolt for making it possible, and bringing back a piece of the past which had been too easily forgotten.


Joseph said...

This made my day!

Philip said...

Is it just coincidence that you mentioned this song in a previous post?

Vinyls are(were?) neat, it was always interesting to see what the band/artist decided to put for their liner notes. CD's just aren't the same in that regard.