Monday, January 28, 2008

150 years apart, Goldrushes exhibit startling similarities

There was plenty of gold in 1849, it just wasn’t to be found where most people were looking for it. It was the outfitters that amassed huge wealth, equipping those heading out west to try to make their fortune, fueling their hopes and dreams in the process.

And so it was with the heady dot-com days of the late 90s. It too was a goldrush, a wild frontier in which clients had a dizzying almost panicky appetite for building websites to ensure the presence of their companies and their brands on the web. Of course, few made fortunes as a consequence of their money changing hands. Like their counterparts the century before them it was the interactive shops - outfitters in a technological realm – who lined their pockets.

Things don’t last though. One hundred and 50 years apart, most of enterprises that fed the ambitions of the hungry and made money when the going was good, themselves went out of business, like MarchFIRST.

Check out the ghost sites of interactive companies who have expired. They could fill a grave yard.

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