Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Value in Mistakes, Part III

This may not be the last dispatch on the matter of mistakes. The issue seems to be everywhere, confirming a point we made at Fallon’s Trendpoint blog back on Valentine’s Day in 2007 (be cautious what one seeks for one may find it everywhere.

Arden’s book is not new (2006) but we venture to say is a timely read, whatever people are dealing with. The perspectives it offers up are short and pithy, so much so that their wisdoms can be missed, over-looked in the brevity of expression. It’s worth lingering on them.

We all need a dose of inspiration from time to time and this slim book is just the thing. It provides a healthy shot of provocation, and challenges the reader not to follow the conventional path, however reassuring and familiar is might feel.

A worthy addition to anyone’s modest library. It’s not a book you read from cover to cover. It’s value comes from dipping – and being pleasantly surprised at how germane the lessons fit the times.

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