Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Communications as oedipal destiny

Poor Oedipus. He was the unfortunate chap destined to encounter the fate he sought to avoid. You have to admire the ancient greeks for their appreciation of irony.

A modern day reenactment was found on the streets of the city by the bay, not by actors but through a visual narrative.

OFD glanced at the message while walking along Van Ness and were were forced to stop. Three plausible interpretations came to mind:

1. The police should watch out for people loitering in the vicinity who shouldn't be

2. It is the police who shouldn't be loitering and they should heed the warning

3. The police were being told to take the sign which warned others not the loiter

As we lingered in a state of confusion about the variety of possible meanings, we realized we were violating its intent. In creating the outcome it sought to avoid, we found a Oedipus alive and well on the streets of San Francisco. Myths are after all timeless.

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