Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Tribute To Breaking Rules

At Open Fridge Door skylights make us smile.

Part of it is the playfulness of the idea.

Being able to do something indoors that is only usually possible outdoors: looking up at the sky.

In their own way, skylights are testament to breaking rules.

They appeal to the maverick in us. It's what we like to do for our clients.

Challenge conventions with purpose. Break rules to unlock new possibilities and deliver new experiences.

Light fluctuating from dawn to dusk.

Sounds in flux too.

Wind gusting at different speeds.

An occasional bird brave enough to land on the incline.

And the falling rain.

1 comment:

Jay, writer said...

There is a wonderful bit of poetry to your words right there. My version of the skylight is a more subtle and a more quiet sort of rule breaker. Alright, it's more like bending the rules and not even getting caught by my own mischievousness.