Friday, February 22, 2008

How Product Advertising Can Build the Brand

The priorities of many business are clear today. Make the sale today, worry less about the longer-term brand (which is squishy anyhow). It’s understandable. Wall Street requires that companies focus on delivering earnings now. Better to have a bird in the hand.

The folks here at OFD see a missed opportunity. If the priority is promoting product to motivate desire which makes the sale, then an innovative, strategic partner will find a way to ensure this marketing effort is also an investment in the brand.

It is not an easy thing to do, which it presumably why so few companies and their partners are doing it. We at Open Fridge Door think it is a necessity to serving our clients well.

Here’s an example of our work.

Client: United Airlines

Situation: Promote the extra legroom of Economy Plus in the second year after it’s launch.

Launch year work was effective in connecting travelers with the familiar discomfort of being cramped. Our belief was that a greater opportunity lay in connecting them with positive virtues

Our Approach: Look to the brand for inspiration. Its focus was about helping business travelers connect with success, so this became the context in which the product needed to be placed.

Our Insight:

There’s a simple truth that physical space begets mental space. Giving the legs space gives the mind room to breathe – an important benefit that the seasoned traveler understands intimately.

The Work

The Result
It leverages product to promote the brand, instead of missing the opportunity to do so.

For the intended audience
, it is simple, engaging work that rewards their attention and respects their intelligence

For the Client,
it increases the return on expenditure by ensuring that an investment in product marketing is an investment in the brand.

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