Sunday, May 11, 2008

Creative Disruption: Putting a foot in the door of the mind

Though incredibly advanced in scope and scale, the brain is a patterning machine at its core.

This structuring activity is submerged in our subconscious most of the time. Nonetheless it manifests itself through our behavior across all areas of our life. Marketers have to work with rather than against this tendency to achieve their goals.

If a marketer wants to promote trial of its brand which is not a part of a group's consumption pattern it has to provide some inspiration to disrupt the existing behavioral and relationship order.

How does it do it?

Providing a fresh perspective - a new way of looking at things - stimulates the mind to engage and reconsider. It requires understanding the psychology of people and consumption.

Take this outdoor advertising for Purely Decadent

It could have promoted taste, but many other brands have used taste so this is not new.

It could have promoted a unique flavor, but it does not have ones so unique as to be new.

What will disrupt? Challenging the accepted relationship between ice cream and cone.

The idea of an ice cream serving so large that the cone is barely visible suggests a new possibility: that ice cream can be consumed on a scale previously unthinkable Supporting copy explains what makes it possible: "Dairy free, cholesterol free and available or mass consumption". It concludes with the suggestive invitation "Indulge".

The visual telegraphs this disruptive relationship simply and directly. The image is arresting precisely because it is so unusual. In doing so, a door in the mind has been opened and the brand has successfully stuck its foot in it.

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