Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knock-offs with style

You expect to see counterfeit merchandise in New York City. They are a presence on every street that a tourist is likely to set foot upon and the variety of vendors is almost as varied as the goods for sale.

On a recent Saturday morning, Sixth Avenue was shut down and a selection of stalls and concessions stands were lined in an orderly fashion along either side of the street. There among them was a cathedral to counterfeiting, a purveyor of the finest knock-offs proudly promoting its wares.

Why be bashful? Rather than pretending to be something other than it is, embracing the true nature of its business actually bestows a sense of authenticity. The dose of irony is welcomed at the very least.

There are few other brands that could fare better by facing their true selves and getting more favor from shoppers as a result.

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