Monday, April 2, 2007

Details of an indispensable life - women

So here are the specific details of the things women can't live without, in descending order of themed importance:

*a/c powered vibrator
*a camera
*a passport
*internet access
*baking Soda Toothpaste (with peroxide).
*beat up computer
*wahl Precision clippers
*my antique clawfoot bathtub
*morning coffee
*coffee and NPR in the morning
*my bookshelf full of my favorite books
*music from my iPod
*The technological package..mac, ipod, dig cam, cell,
*red Hermes address book
*laser printer with lots of paper in it
*my own money
*good clean coffee
*hot water bottle
*cowboy boots
*my macintosh
*paper towels
*other people's pens,
*stuff to read


*My friends and family (not items, but definitely indispensible)
*my dog
*my horse
*Family and trustworthy friends
*Casper the friendly doggy
*my wiener dog, Linus
*loved ones

*a sense of humor
*other people with a sense of humor
*sense of humor
*freedom to share my mind and speak my feelings

*the feel of your legs brushing against mine in impossibly
*fresh, ridiculously soft, cotton sheets.
*weekend trips

*a place to lie nude in the sun
*destinationless days off with the top down


As Monty Python would say: and there you have it. Next: a perspective on heterosexual men, the things they say they can't live without.

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Friendofafriend said...

Not sure a cross-section of the Onion readership represents a "random" sample. But it does explain how an a/c powered vibrator made it to the top of the list. :-)