Saturday, April 21, 2007

Impressionism not delivered by bricks and mortar

One of the simple joys of a new city is the newness of everything. Happening upon unanticipated sights and vistas. The endless surprises that engage the senses in unexpected ways.

And so it was with walking past the Renoir Hotel on McAllister street. The name itself evokes so much color and richness, the essence of this artist's creations. Whatever the interior might offer to delight a visitor's senses the outside was in stark, drab contrast to the promise implied by its name.

Renoir's works - like others in his genre - were an other-worldy landscape of vibrant color and textures. Like a technicolor dream. It is perhaps asking too much for bricks and mortar to capture and express the wonderful mood embodied by impressionism. Unless of course, Cirque du Soleil went into the hotel business. This brand has a ethereal, colorful essence to their peformances. No doubt through their mastery of form, playfulness and light they could create a facade - and guest interaction with staff inside - that could live up to the promise of an impressionistic name.

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