Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Shocking news just in! The male perspective is more shallow

OK, a fascinating experience for this male OFDer to create a female alias and identity and review male hetro profiles on-line for the top 5 things they can't live without.

Not surprisingly we find some similarities and differences from the female poll conducted recently as a man.

In descending order, the frequency of category themes was:

* Possessions

...a motorcycle

* Relationships; emotions and human characteristics - tied

...good friends

* Experiences and sensations

...a good laugh

* Places

...a kitchen

* Activities

...taking a nap

* Existence basics

Broadly speaking the overall order of claimed importance is the same across gender. Men however are far more likely to cite possessions as most important. They are also far less likely to be literal in their interpretation and mention existence basics: no one suggested air, water, heat, shelter or similar survival essentials.

Next, the specific examples of items men picked across respective categories....

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