Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An expo. Of tattoos. In a cow palace.

How could you not give a second glance to this wild posting?

But at the risk of violating the very mission of OFD - which is not only being open to encountering the unexpected but to actively seek it out - this premise seems rather bizarre. Not that OFD finds tattoos unpalatable - for every member of OFD has one - but there is something odd about the type of event for this type of artifact.

Vitamin, Contact lenses, Linux, Guns and rifles, Beef, Deer and turkeys, and RVs are all things that have been promoted at expos. What they have in common is that every one of them can be bought at the show in large numbers. It is a venue for sales, not just distributing information. The same is not true of tattoos however: Most of the vendors at the SF event are not offering to inscribe attendees.

Cow Palace also conjures up an interesting image for such a gathering.....

Checking out the site on line, it turns out that this is a body art expo and while the site boasts some 200 'artists' selling their services on site, it seems to be more for piercings than tattoo, available while you wait.

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