Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's a hole in the wall. Really

Several years ago, OFD staff gathered for the ritual monday morning chat about what everyone had been up to over the weekend. Eating always features prominently in such discussions, and there were always stories of trips to new restaurants, and restaurants tried for the first time. From time to time a gem would be discovered which produced the most fabulous food at oustandingly reasonable prices. It would be often be referred to as a 'hole in the wall', because the oustide appearance would be unassuming and non-descript, the kind of place easily walked by unless one was specifically seeking to find it. Part of the allure in finding such a place was the sense of irony from a memorable experience (either in taste, value or both) contained and concealed by such an unmemorable exterior.

It was often joked that the perfect name for a restaurant would be Hole in the Wall, because people would be referring to it by name, as well as capturing the essence of the experience.

So it was with much delight that an eagle-eyes OFD staffer pounding the pavement in San Francisco came upon a place with this name. Yet to venture inside, we can't confirm whether the place lives up to its idiomatic promise. If the exterior is anything to go by however, it's not quite hitting the mark.

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