Sunday, March 25, 2007

Siberia cloaked in a Minneapolis veil

It is a time of dreams and fantasy. Unlike any other, it is the chair of the hair stylist that invites the occupant to be the star, a willing voyeur on the journey of self-transformation unfolding in the mirror ahead. But this OFDer happened to turn the tables on the usual convention to be the recipient of a endless string of question and decided to be the inquisitor instead.

She'd noticed the stylist had a Russian accent and was curious why she had come to Minneapolis. Her stylist heralded from Siberia, a word which - we now have on reliable authority - is correct in evoking images of freezing temperatures, unfathomable amounts of snow and an expansive artic tundra: 40% is in the northern circle. The idea of coming to Minneapolis had brought the anticipation of warmer, more temperate conditions. A cruel mistake indeed. The southern Minnesota town reminds this immigrant all to often and all to much of a harsh life back east.

While criticized by some people for taking the romance of discovery out of the world, the internet affords everyone the opportunity to get a peek at a place half way around the world where they're considering setting down roots. And avoid a long, long journey that turns out to be too close to home.

Minneapolis? Siberia? You choose.

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