Thursday, March 8, 2007

Stale before it's opened

It's proof that too many people are reading the same marketing books these days. CK shows little imagination is following a highly predictable approach to the launch of its new scent:

We'll use a rich insight to connect them to the brand!
Physically bold but emotionally guarded, Millenials have grown up using computers as a primary means of interaction.

We’ll speak to them in their own language!

CKin2u The name is written in the shorthand of an instant message, a casual invitation to sex so immediate as to imply there was no time to spell it out: “in to you.”

We'll make it fit their lifestyle!
Because millennials are used to fast-moving information and images, the fragrance is meant to be quick-acting and immediately recognizable on the skin. Their food and drinks, like Smartwater and coffee-flavored colas, and gum charged with flavor crystals, all come in high-definition, intensified varieties. So their fragrance should also seem busy.

We’ll create an on-line community for them to connect!

Consumers can be reached on their own turf by creating an online community,, patterned after sites like MySpace and Facebook.

We’ll make it viral!

Visitors can send it on to their friends

For a fashion brand to be cool, the marketing has to be inventive too. However fresh the new scents might be in the bottle, the marketing certainly feels like a tired approach.

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